Notice to All Employees

The Governor has ordered the shutdown of all Nevada Casinos until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

All full time employees will be paid for at least 32 hours (4 days) a week whether they work it or not. If you physically work, you receive your PTO credit benefit. If you don’t work you will not receive any PTO credit.

Any employee who wishes to quit will receive 2 week’s severance pay plus any earned PTO and may file for unemployment.

All salaried employee’s (including myself) will be cut back to 80% of their rate. This policy will stay in place until we are allowed to reopen or to the end of the year (December 31st).

All health benefits will stay in place. However, all paid holidays and 401 K matches are cancelled until we reopen.

In addition, I am working closely with other gaming companies, federal legislators and the administration to achieve financial relief for all workers and businesses in the hospitality industry that have been, or will be, adversely impacted by this global pandemic.

Thank you again for your commitment and understanding as we work together through these extremely difficult times.


Michael Gaughan