Michael Gaughan – English COVID-19 Memo – April 20th

I am making one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my lifetime.  On May 3rd most of you will be furloughed for an indefinite period.  You should immediately file for unemployment.

I believe, after having lengthy discussions with my Chief Financial Officer, Payroll Manager, outside Certified Public Accountant and company attorney, by being furloughed, you will be better off. You will receive more money from both the State and Federal Government than what you are currently receiving from the South Point.  I will continue to pay your health benefits through July 31st. I will also cover your health payroll insurance deductions during this period.  All other benefit payroll deductions will cease after May 3rd.

Filing an unemployment claim during this crisis can be difficult.  The Human Resource Department, Payroll Department and Benefits will be open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to assist you.  However, you will have to call in.  You will not be allowed in the building due to government restrictions.

Some people will be offered full time employment (5 days a week) in order to maintain the South Point.  This will be at their option.  Those that choose to work will receive PTO credit and two meals a day.

Also, as we reopen, you may be hired back as business increases.  Unfortunately, it may take several months to get back to full employment due to the lack of business.  The good news about being furloughed instead of being laid off is that you will not have to be reprocessed as a new employee but your unemployment benefits will remain the same.

Any employee, who wishes to resign or is not brought back, will receive any accumulated PTO due them.


Michael Gaughan