Paperless Pay e-Stubs

South Point is constantly trying to find ways to better serve our employees and take advantage of the latest technology. With this in mind, we are encouraging all employees to go online to view your paystubs and direct deposit statements at™. You also will be able to view and print your W-2, starting with 2013.

Effective with the first paycheck in August, Direct Deposit paper stubs will no longer be printed or distributed. You will be required to access your information through

There are many benefits to this, some of which include:

Better Security:

Since the only way to access your personal payroll info is with a user name and password, only you can see your data.

Loan Documents:

In the event you are trying to secure a personal loan, your stubs are instantly available online to meet your immediate requirements.

On-time Stub Delivery:

Because the™ portal is “always on” 24/7, your stubs never get lost or delayed in their delivery to you.

Multiple Notification Modes:
  • A simple email informing you that your paystub is ready to view online,
  • An embedded HTML stub viewed through your™ account,
  • A secure, Password Protected PDF stub sent to you via any email address you’d like and
  • Text message alerts of up to 6 items from your stub.

Because your stubs are online, you will know your earnings and net pay earlier than if you waited for your printed paystub to be available. Even though we make your online stubs available for viewing prior to payday, your funds will not be available until the regularly scheduled time.

To take advantage of this opportunity, detailed instructions on how to access your online stubs are available in Payroll, Human Resources, or on the forms wall next to Security Lost and Found.

We hope that you enjoy this added convenience to access your information!v

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